How We Got Started

It all began a long time ago with a kid and a dream of a 66 Mustang. At the tender age of 15, this kid had his dream come true. A bright red 66 Mustang coupe Sprint 200 !!!!!!! He spent all his money (then some) on this car, but he didn't care. Washed and wax so much, his father told him he would have to repaint her before he even had his license. As the car was a six-cylinder, it lacked in the power department. The old car had more than her fair share of problems, but the kid was not giving her up. Some pretty serious electrical issues surfaced soon after the pony was bought. During his high school years, he learned -- with lots of help from everyone -- how to troubleshoot electrical systems, rebuild motors, upgrade brakes, and how to customize the pony to his liking. A FORD 302 CID soon graced the engine bay, disc brakes from a Lincoln were modified to fit along with a list of other modifications to help this once inline 6 run with the rest of the pack. That was almost 30 years ago now. After that came Supercharged COBRAs and Turbocharged MUSTANG GTs, Fuel injected 65 V8 Coupe and a hopped-up Twin Turbo SHO to round out the mix and yeah I still have the old girl..........

So we at Town Haul Performance hope you will share with us the beauty and power of some of the best performance vehicles America has to offer!!!!!!! We are here to help you modify your vehicle to the level you wish. Full out wild or street driven daily driver. It isall up to you !!!!!!!  

Town Haul Performance